Disease Prevention

Through the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® initiative, we target partnerships and programs that offer direct preventive services to help stop disease or illness before it occurs. We also educate our communities on how they can avoid certain health issues and provide resources to better manage disease or illness once it occurs.

The Care Van® is one of our pillar partners in preventing disease across our company’s five states and consists of mobile health vans that travel to underserved communities, providing access to free preventive services and screenings for children and adults. In 2018, our 26 Care Vans provided 156,264 immunizations and other health services to 126,935 clients.

Illinois Care Van Outreach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois' Care Van program began in 1990 and has grown to four mobile vans, which together have provided more than 287,000 free immunizations in Chicago and downstate Illinois

Illinois Car Van

Montana Care Van Outreach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana launched its Care Van mobile outreach program in 2014 and has provided nearly 15,000 immunizations. The Care Van partners with public health officials, community clinics and other practitioners to administer vaccines, with the goal of maintaining and increasing vaccination rates and providing important health information. In 2018, the Care Van provided new testing services for A1C, HIV and Hep C in addition to screenings for diabetic retinopathy.

Montana Care Van

New Mexico Care Van Outreach

Established in 2006, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico Care Van program has provided more than 17,000 immunizations and performed thousands of screenings statewide. The Care Van works in collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Health and other health care providers including the University of New Mexico’s Medical School and Eastern New Mexico University’s nursing school. In 2018, New Mexico partnered with Albertson’s Pharmacy to provide immunizations to low-income families.

New Mexico Care Van

Oklahoma Caring Van Outreach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma is the leading sponsor of the Oklahoma Caring Foundation, Inc., and its signature Oklahoma Caring Van program, which provides immunizations at no charge to children through clinics held at child care facilities, schools, social service agencies and other community locations. In 2018, the Caring Van program added its ninth van dedicated to dental services. Established in October 1999, the Oklahoma Caring Van program has now provided nearly 358,000 immunizations to over 273,000 children.

Oklahoma Caring Van

Texas Care Van Outreach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is the statewide sponsor of the Caring for Children Foundation of TexasSM, which operates 10 Care Vans in collaboration with the Texas Medical Association, Texas Medical Association Alliance and other organizations across the state. The Caring for Children Foundationof Texas was established in June 1997 and its Care Van program has given 1,338,662 immunizations to nearly 996,000 children.

Texas Care Van