Affiliates and Subsidiaries

HCSC affiliates and subsidiaries offer group life, disability and dental solutions, as well as worksite and voluntary products, allowing our customers accessibility to more products.

Affiliates and Subsidiaries

Dearborn National is the brand name for HCSC's ancillary benefits subsidiaries, which underwrite and market group life, disability, dental, worksite and voluntary products and individual solutions.

Dental Network of America, Inc. (DNoA) functions as a third-party administrator (TPA) for HCSC dental programs.

HCSC Insurance Service Company

HCSC Insurance Services Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, underwrites and administers certain Medicare and Medicaid business.

Medecision, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, provides a collaborative health care information exchange service as well as a platform for case management, disease management and utilization management.

Availity, LLC, a partially-owned subsidiary operates a health care clearinghouse and provides internet-based e-health information services.

Prime Therapeutics, LLC, a partially-owned subsidiary, is a pharmacy benefit management company for HCSC and other third party companies.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance, a partially-owned subsidiary, serves America's military families in the TriCare West Region.

Please note that this is not a complete list of HCSC affiliates and subsidiaries.

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